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Trust us for availing top-notch chemical goods like Neutral Sizing Chemical, Industrial Refractory Boiler Bed Material, Textile Boiler Bed Material, Lump Sizing Chemical, Liquid Sizing Chemical, etc.

About Us

Our company, Alchem Enterprises is a prominent indigenous specialty chemical manufacturer and markets a vast variety of specialty chemicals for numerous major industries such as textile, paper, paint and power plants. Back in the year of 1995, our business was founded and since then our position in the chemical industry has risen sharply. In our vast years of experience we have built a strong reputation by providing various different kinds of specialty chemicals as a manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter. Customers can affordably get top-quality products like Industrial Paper Sizing Chemical, Lump Sizing Chemical, Industrial Refractory Boiler Bed Material, Nigrosine Spirit Soluble, Textile Boiler Bed Material, Black Color Dye Color, etc., from us. We additionally ensure that pricing of our products remains marginal at all times.

Services We Offer

In our field, we are one of the top companies in North India, supplying a varied range of goods to diverse industrial segments, such as:

  • Power Generation
  • Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Cement
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles

Our Infrastructure/ Location Of Work

Right from the day when we established our company, our top-class infrastructural facilities have been critical in powering our growth. We have four manufacturing facilities situated ideally to add value to our respected clients. The locations where our manufacturing facilities are established include Ludhiana, Sahnewal, Kohara in Punjab and Kundli in Haryana. In all our facilities, we have installed machines, tools and equipment of advanced technologies, enabling us to develop products like Industrial Refractory Boiler Bed Material, Textile Boiler Bed Material, Industrial Paper Sizing Chemical, Black Color Dye Color, Nigrosine Spirit Soluble, etc., that can be advantageous for numerous application sectors.

Our Laboratory

We have an in-house laboratory which is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure that highest quality standards are maintained across every single stage of production.

Our Quality

Quality has always been the main priority of our company. Following are the factors which help portray our focus towards quality:

  • We exclusively use the finest quality raw materials for the development of our products.
  • We use good quality of packaging so that products are delivered in excellent condition.
  • We make sure that all our products including Industrial Paper Sizing Chemical, Nigrosine Spirit Soluble, Industrial Refractory Boiler Bed Material, Black Color Dye Color, Textile Boiler Bed Material, etc., comply with the highest quality norms.
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