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Dye Colors

This dye colour works well for fabrics and is a great option for textile dyes. It is a highly concentrated colour dye that offers exceptional light and weather fastness. It is a product of exceptional quality and offers great colour fastness to rubbing, washing, and light. Additionally, it is resistant to acid, alkali, and sweat. The colour has excellent levelling qualities that ensure consistent dyeing and is fade-resistant. Additionally, it is simple to apply and utilise on fabrics.

Black Dye Color

This Black Dye Color is a perfect choice for textile dyestuffs and is suitable for fabrics. It is a color dye that is highly concentrated and provides excellent light and weather fastness. It is a superior quality product that provides excellent color fastness to washing, rubbing and light. It is also resistant to perspiration, alkali and acid. The color is resistant to fading and has excellent leveling properties that ensure uniform dyeing. It is also easy to use and can be applied to fabrics with ease.


Q: What type of dye is Black Dye?
A: Black Dye is a type of Other Color Dye.

Q: What is the solvent color of Black Dye?
A: The solvent color of Black Dye is black.

Q: What is the usage of Black Dye?
A: Black Dye is used for Textile Dyestuffs.

Q: What is the application of Black Dye?
A: Black Dye is mainly used for fabrics.

Colored Dye Colors

This is Colored Dye, a high-quality grade A dye ideal for use on wool and textile materials. It comes in a convenient powder form for easy application and storage. This dye is fast-acting and produces vivid colors that will last. It is perfect for those looking to add a splash of color to their fabrics. It is also easy to use and can be mixed with other dyes to create unique shades. With Colored Dye, you can create beautiful, vibrant colors that will last.


Q: What grade of Colored Dye is available?
A: We offer Grade A Colored Dye.

Q: What materials can Colored Dye be used on?
A: Colored Dye can be used on wool and textile materials.

Q: What is the physical form of Colored Dye?
A: Colored Dye is available in powder form.

Direct Dye Colors

Dye Powder Colors

Our Dye Powder Colors are the perfect choice for textile dyestuffs. With a Grade A rating, our powder forms are of the highest quality. These colors are ideal for use in a variety of applications including fabric, yarn, and other textile materials. Our dye powder colors are easy to mix and apply, making them a great choice for both professional and amateur dyers alike. With a wide range of colors to choose from, youll be sure to find the perfect hue for your project.


Q: What is Dye Powder Colors?
A: Dye Powder Colors is a type of textile dyestuff that comes in a powder form. It is used to add color to fabrics and other materials.

Q: What grade is Dye Powder Colors?
A: Dye Powder Colors is grade A.

Q: What is the physical form of Dye Powder Colors?
A: Dye Powder Colors is a powder.

Q: What is the usage of Dye Powder Colors?
A: Dye Powder Colors is used for adding color to fabrics and other materials.

Fabric Dye Colors

Our firm is highly esteemed in providing a wide variety of Fabric Dye Colors. These enable fibers and materials to be colored. They are useful to make fabric dyes from a very unique pigment colour. These colours are helpful to reduce the cost of production and increased consistency. Fabric Dye Colors are also able to increase opportunities for recycling old garments. Therefore, provided colours are the best choice of dye for colouring and increase the absorption of the dye.

Leather Dye Colors

We are acclaimed in presenting a broad variety of Leather Dye Colors. These are useful to give a very bright and intense shades on leather. In other words, provided colours are resistance to staining by water droplets. Leather Dye Colors are suitable for various color matching. They are made with a mixture of substances and dyes. Offered colours are easy to soak the material in a mixture of water. They are used to permanently change color of leather when applied.  

Yarn Dye Colors

We are actively engaged in rendering a wide ambit of Yarn Dye Colors. These are dyed with basic dyes that are easily available in the market. These are formed in an easy texture to dissolve in quick manner. They are methods used by the textile industries to produce a Dyed yarn with attractive colours. Yarn Dye Colors are used on different types of fabrics. They are used at the right temperature to dye the yarn.

Nigrosine Spirit Soluble

With an aim to become pioneer in this domain, we are offering a unique range of Nigrosine Spirit Soluble. It is easily soluble in alcoholic solvents and lacquers. It is useful for making black marking inks and spirit finishes for leather. Nigrosine Spirit Soluble is also suitable for shoe polish, printing ink and so on. It is made with finest grade of compound to give good results. It is avail in a bulk quantity at economical market rates. 

Wool Dye Colors

Being a reliable firm, we are providing an optimum range of Wool Dye Colors. These are counted as a most popular types of dye used for woold colouring. These are easy to dissolve and apply. They ensure a high sustainability and color fastness. Wool Dye Colors are applicable on textile materials such as fibers, fabrics and others. They are useful to provide excellent binding sites for dye molecules. Provided colours are known for its color-fast shades and long-lasting results.